Mayday mayday mayday! =)


The end of the last week and last few days weren't that great, but they weren't a complete disaster either.

My family was visiting.

This wasn't bad. Combining this with getting a CD-R drive was. =)

My revenge was sweet, though. My sister - a fine person, BTW - wanted me to burn her a CD of cool stuff I had found from Napster. OK, so I burned her a couple of game soundtracks, one tune that was distributed as a CD single but couldn't be found anymore, and other stuff like that. And then some drivel that was so bad that it was actually pretty good. I didn't put any Matti Nykänen there, though, she would have killed me if I would have done such a horrible thing. =) =)

Also, my bicycle ended up getting fixed. This was great.

Today? Well, nothing extraordinary as of yet... Time to face the challenges of the day.

Oh, the first CD-R I've made? Well, 400 megs worth of old downloads... So far, no warez - and I doubt I'll ever do such things! =)

(PS. So far, no coasters. =)


Some XHTML inferno: CGI module in Perl generates <TAGS TYPE="uppercase,nonterminated">, so XML parsers are baffled. Also, is there a Perl module for HTML/XML "normalization"?


I just made a Golgotha soundtrack CD. This thing rocks. It opens with the motivational quote (see Golgotha node) said by satanic Dave Taylor, and is crowned finally by the epic battle music of Finland, and the "Floyd" track - and ends with the Mix '98.


Oh, yeah, one thing:

nighthowl:~$ uname -a
Linux nighthowl 2.4.4 #1 ma huhti  30 16:28:24 EEST 2001 i686 unknown

Also, USB stuff got fixed so QuickCam Express driver actually works! So now everyone can see my face when they look at my web cam... well, maybe that isn't so cool thought afterall. =)


Argh. This day has not been too eventful afterall.

I have a couple of interesting ideas for articles, though, but most of my time has gone to... doing nothing significant.

More Noding This Night... I hope...


Doesn't look like a wild noding spree, more like a wild update spree. =)

Other day logs o' mine...

Noded today by y.t.: sox ecasound

Updated: Crack Dot Com HTML unlinker for Emacs SVI 318