I had a dream about a friend of mine, but I think I won't dreamlog it, because, uh... well, it had that certain sort of interaction you can find in dreams. =)

Today: I woke up sort of late again. Now fetching Usenet news. This day shall be another busy day, with me busy doing nothing. It's weird that most of my time now seems to go by when I'm busy with details that should NOT take any time... =(

At least I promised myself that I will go to see movies tonight!


Transcribed some music with help of ditty - because SoundTracker didn't work...

Expect Another Horrifying LilyPond File Later This Week! =)


Okay... I saw Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon. (Epic. Truly Epic. Deserved every Oscar.) I also almost finished that LilyPond "experiment". =)


This "E2 is unfriendly to (old/new) noders" is sort of silly thing to watch.

E2 is, simply, harsh and unforgiving wilderness... at times. Not all the time, just mostly. =)