(Caution: Depressed babbling ahead. Brighter stuff, I hope, coming up later today.)


Depression. SQL. documentation with no examples. These things don't mix.

At around 00:30 I sat down and had a cool idea about putting YiffCam news to the database.

Around 02:15 I was already getting suicidal, but I successfully told myself to calm down, it's only ones and zeroes. =) =( =(

"Get stuff from database where date field says it's more recent than n weeks." Sounds easy stuff, ready in minutes? Yep, it sure sounds.

ERROR:  Unable to identify an operator '<' for types 'date' and 'interval'
        You will have to retype this query using an explicit cast

Grrrrrrrgrrrgrrrrrr... ::deep sigh::

Whatever I did, I got an error message.

WWWWolf-Hak-Lyc-Mal-Cha, killed on level 1 by PostgreSQL.

Maybe I should go to sleep. Too bad SQL will be equally unintuitive in the morning.

(And don't even THINK of suggesting "return everything and junk uninteresting dates in the script". I let the RDBMS to do the dirty work.)

Other stuff? Downloaded Mozilla 0.8.1 (took 30 minutes over 128k ISDN - from Sweden. %#@$ng clotheslines.) And the Inttttternet connection keeps sucking. =(

Well, good night... Tomorrow should, should, be a bright new day.

(Again no one probably cares about me anyway. =( )


::sigh:: Good morning...

Folks, what do we learn from this?

Strongly typed languages are not meant to be used by mortals! =)

Time to face the challenges of the day...

(First problem: the ssh-able Linux machine, that also had my screen session, seemed to be down... =( )


(Yep, the screen was definitely dead.)

Yay! I finally did get the SQL stuff to work! =)

SELECT date, headline, article FROM yiffcam_news WHERE date > ('now'::timestamp - '$period'::interval)::date ORDER BY date;

Intuitive? I think not.

Remember what I said above... strongly typed languages are not for mortals. Typecasting leads to anger, and anger leads to... suffering. =)


Made a card for fox friend of mine who has a birthday tomorrow, and I faced a hard task: How to find something nice and positive to say to him when I'm down myself?...


(And please stop downvoting me. Do not hit the fallen.)

One cool thing: Mozilla 0.8.1 seems to handle form text area copying right - it no longer strips HTML from these input boxes. Which Is Cool. =)


You gained 1 Kinsey!

...To me, for most gratuitous use of the word "fuck" in bug report I'm now afraid to send because of gross profanity. I just CANNOT express it otherwise.

Sorry for strong language, but I'm fucking PISSED OFF.

Tried to upgrade Lupinething to Everything pre-1.0. The Perl shit was easily upgraded. The fucking database wasn't. nbmasta refuses to connect anywhere, and reports the new ecore nodeball has no fucking version and won't install even when I use the --force.

Result? Lupinething won't display. When it does, it gives errors.

I need to hack it togheter one beautiful day, make SOMETHING to get my stuff out as nodeball, and... well, maybe it will work again in early 2206.

Is it so hard for everydevel to at least give UPGRADE INSTRUCTIONS???

This is sort of depressing.

Should learn to make backups or something. I have nothing now...


Danger over. Found tarball and just overwrote the pre-1.0 installation with that. But, uh, my body lost about 20 liters of water. The tears that 1.0 upgrade shall cause will be, I tell you, counted in millions.

Real Men Don't Cry.
People who need to use MySQL, it seems, often have to.

The "mysql" tool is a piece of dareItellyouwhat. At least psql has online help. Ha ha! So, last night I thought PostgreSQL was bad, but today I saw what piece of *bleep* MySQL was! Password? No password? User or not, not or user? or usernot? (This may sound insane, but the MySQL, as I told, was sort of weird. It is way above mortal comprehension. =)