I overslept today, too. Luckily, there was nothing impotant in my schedule for today... Anyway, the cool thing was that I had a dream!

Reason for sleepiness? Well, take a look at node "Dream Log". I once commented as a feature request that it might be cooler to use something similiar to DayMetaNoder to do that.

Well, I realized I have a clone of E2 running; I might as well make a new nodeball of the new nodetype "calendarmetanode" while I was at it... =)


Today's stuff: bug-reported about Tomcat 'cuz it just blew up when I tried to start it (Hey, similiar stuff happened when I tried out mod_perl too ages back... coincidence? Perharps not...)

Had fun with the Everything code.

Puzzled about Upgrades and Stuff. (How do I upgrade E2 core, anyway? Just reinstall over old one and nbmasta the new core?)


Life could be simpler sometimes.

I feel... nothing.

I'm... This is sort of hard to explain. I try to come up with an explanation for tomorrow. Now, I need to code, node, and do similiar stuff.

(Still no fancy navigations... =( )