I'm not dead. Just didn't want to node boredom. =)

Some recent observations:

  • I wrote my first GIMP plugin. It loads KoalaPaint pictures. Just as fast as the real thing. ($drawable->set_pixel() is too damn slow.)
  • YiffCam control app works - to great extent. Now, all I need to do is that I'd need to make the camera to use the information...
  • Perl GTK+ is somewhat uncomfortable ... but it rocks. =)

Happened today? Slept too long. Again. =( This is going to hurt...


I needed to figure out how to make a really 31337 spamblock to illustrate their absurdity... =)

Well, I now have food for the weekend... I got apples, too!


I was writing down a transcript of a comic strip... That will need to wait, I'm afraid.

Other day logs o' mine...

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