So, to make the long story short: Slept a bit too long again (fortunately nothing immediate in schedule for today...), because I tweaked the UI and stuff for Vocoditor. Version 1.1 will look a bit better, I hope...

The UI will be a bit more logical, and users are also able to enter the file name directly. That's Cool. It also has pretty error/message dialogs now! =)

Today? Nothing significant yet. Ideas? Well, let's see the Usenet stuff first.

Time to face the challenges of the day.


Whee! Got Red Carpet to work. =)

The bug? My /etc/debian_version said "potato". (Shows when I last did apt-get dist-upgrade...) obviously, RC didn't know what the heck kind of distribution is that. I did apt-get install base-files and lo, it now says "testing/unstable", and RC talks to me now.

Now, if I'd only find Eazel's Nautilus 1.0 as .debs, the current stuff Debian has (0.8) seems to be Non-Working...


"Insatiable Upgrader: WWWWolf's hot moments with APT and Red Carpet" - another decent title for a porn movie.


Tried out irssi client - at terminal this time. It seems to be decent that way.

Funckinque browser problems. Fixed by posting crap over ssh, from an ancient install of Lynx at the university box... Damn, head hurts too much to continued.

(2001-03-16 T 00:15: Finally updated... A lot of problems to submit stuff recently. More details in later daylogs.)

Other day logs o' mine...

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