Lord Britishin Kronikat (The Chronicles of Lord British) was a series of weird stories from the world of Ultima, written by some Finn whose name infortunately escapes my mind (and the web site is gone as well).

It put Cthulhu Mythos and other elements to the soup.

Examples (from my memory, as the site has vanished):

"And Lord British said, 'Truly, I shall make thee my Avatar!' and Avatar replied, 'Glory and honor to the Boss in Britanny, and peace be among the people of Sosaria who wag their hands furiously!'" (Try running old Ultimas without MoSlo on newer machines to see the point of the last...)

It also had a hilarious Mortal Kombat parody with "Eight Virtues Combo" and stuff...

As said, the web site is dead, nor does seem the Internet Archive have a copy. Woe...

Oh yay! I finally found an English translation of at least a part of the text:


Unfortunately this translation has lost some of its humor and I couldn't find the original anywhere. At least I now know who wrote this: S. Autio and Tuomas Honkala (who also wrote for Pelit magazine).