A truly classical tracker module, by Walkman of Cryptoburners. My file date for this .mod seems to be January 9, 1991.

This MOD is pretty... interesting. It has many different melodies in different styles from metal to piano thwacking. Total length is 13:21 (according to MikMod).

I think I love it.

It might also be worth noting that since this is a) an Early .MOD, and b) a really loved .MOD, its vast (and original) sample array has been ripped and used in many, many latter mods - I've even heard some people still use the same samples...

Regrettably some modern .mod players have "issues" with the tempo change commands used in this .mod. Older versions of MikMod cough on those, as does the Linux SoundTracker. Newer MikMod releases and also ModPlug seems to handle it all right, though, and there's a s3m version out there that has the tempo corrected. Naturally Amiga DeliTracker plays it nicely, too (at least in WinUAE =) This module is good for seeing how well your .mod player handles Ancient Features of Horror!

(The melodies ought to be noded, but transcribing this .mod is pretty hard...)