Some free time again! Cool! =)

A friend of mine was here from Sunday to Thursday... we had a lot of fun with movies and computer thingies.

I bought a new joystick (Logitech Wingman Extreme 3D), because USB clearly beats the crappy normal PC joystick interface that never quite seems to work properly in this machine (oh, the sticks work OK, but finding the stick in first place is boring!)

Also, a new USB hub allowed me to connect all USB things to the box AND move the webcam to a more interesting place - on top of the monitor...

Yesterday, I bought a new game - Operation Flashpoint. It didn't work at first (major crashes), but when I upgraded the display drivers, it worked like charm. First thoughts? The thing beats Half-Life any day! Almost like real war stuff, just with no sweat =)

The first single mission in the list was rather odd, though: "Go to the enemy camp and steal an UAZ car, then head home." Having been aboard one of those, I have no idea why would anyone want to steal that kind of piece of junk? I think that's a clever Russian battle plan =) =)


Oh, yeah, just remembered that SuperMegaHub® idea I had a few days ago: I would terribly appreciate a switch box that would have

  • USB hub (ports on both front and back)
  • Choice for multiple sound inputs and outputs
  • Printer and serial port input/output switch
combined into one single unit... Hm, I think I saw an unit like this from Guillemot (I think) that had just this, except for the printer/serial things (which I no longer need that much)...

Damn, I really need to get a new hard disk soon!

Interesting: Even when I use external power on my new USB hub, it doesn't seem to be able to find the Microsoft joypad - the simplest of the devices on the bus.


Goddamn it. I'm too tired to boot to Linux to post updates...

I had some "fun" upgrading drivers. I just upgraded the mouse driver, and I hope the mouse wheel will now work in Black & White and Operation Flashpoint. No, I haven't tried. No, I can't really try right now, too tired.

I also upgraded my PCTV software to 4.02. Net effect: It placed the previously-carefully-deleted Windows Media Player icon to desktop and...

Driver: "Hey, your video capture card doesn't really work!" Me: "Yes, I knew that! That's why I upgraded!" Driver: "No idea why. Is there a hardware conflict?" Me: "Not as far as I know, and it seems to be fine." Driver: "Well, blame MS for making disposable OSes. Must go now... Bye."

Five reboots, about 15 minutes of my life wasted on rebooting today. Still the same net effect.

Oh, yeah, I died the first time in Operation Flashpoint today. Ironically, that happened when replaying an otherwise successful mission... I'm now in the forest. All alone. Scary. "The Russians are coming!"

(Yeah, MSIE still sucks. Scroll is WAY too slow to my taste and middle mouse button is completely wasted. I mean, scroll feature? Isn't that what the wheel is for?)

Other day logs o' mine...

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