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(Happy b-day, nine9! =)

Last couple of days were mostly uneventful.

For couple of times now, I've seen Linux getting to edge of reboot. Yesteday, I actually needed to reboot. Apparently Mozilla 0.9.1 has a major memory leak somewhere and it ate all of my memory (128 megs physical, about 130 megs swap). Linux doesn't like "out of memory" conditions. Last night, I needed to reboot because my fingers slipped and did Magic SysRq trick with key l, not k. (K = fry whatever's running on the console - in my case, wdm. L = kill every process with extreme force, including init.)

Yesterday, I mostly hunted for WinAmp skins (for use with xmms). I found some really cool skins from winamp.com... oh, and I finally found the skin I was looking for, called "VT100 Amp - The Hacker's Choice". Guess what it looks like =)

Anyway, bye bye, uptime record...

On the upside, I actually was able to read some lost MPEG clips from VideoCD! Linux refused to do that (whined about I/O errors) but Win98 was actually able to help.

I think I need to try Black & White and Baldur's Gate with the EAX now... Let's see if it can beat A3D on two speakers or headphones (I've been told it can't).


Slashdot speaks of size of Linux kernel and utilities?

And just last night, I thought of how hard it would be to build a different operating system atop Linux kernel (Instead of making kernel to start /sbin/init, it would run some other binary instead to handle stuff...)


I ordered a new cover for my Palm m100... I hope this one is indestructible enough, at least the description seemed to hint that way =)

Other day logs o' mine...

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Updated: Some. And: NoCeM (sacrilegious Nov13 writeup update!)

(Seems that I've broken something. The 10000 XP mark. Oh, the irrelevancy of the world! Vanity of vanities! The only good thing is that I finally could spell "Ecclesiastes" correctly =)...)