The past week was mostly uneventful. I have played a lot of Pokémon Silver (about time they released a new game in the series, that's just about the best game you can get for Gameboy and travelling can be sooooooo boring at times =) ... and with my last month's pay, I bought a new sound card (Sound Blaster Live!) that can actually record stuff on Linux. Now, if I'd only get the video capture to work at an acceptable rate in Linux, everything would be just fine...

That's just about the last week's daylogs crunched into one. Pathetic, huh?

Today, I'm trying to figure out simple things like backup strategies and... such.

What actually happens will remain to be seen.

(Oh, I began with a Totodile, I'm now in... well, the city with that lighthouse, and I did capture a (female) Vulpix. She was carrying a "burnt berry". I wonder if rowan berries can cure burns?)


What a day. I did some rather interesting programming today - which was interesting, because I have not done "interesting" programming since I went to work in the Mysterious Company. Maybe this was because the task (backups) proved to be challenging but not too challenging, the task was straightforward and - this is important - I wrote the script it in Perl, not PHP, and I didn't even need to know any SQL! =)


The news reports that the rains were a bit too unexpectedly heavy today in Oulu.

All I knew was that this happened from my point of view:

  1. I went to work this morning. Weather was nice.
  2. In work, it rained like hell and the rumble o' thunder was mighty, yes.
  3. When I went home, the weather was good again.
  4. In the evening, some random rain.

I usually don't complain about the weather, but why my luck was reversed today? Usually, when I'm on move, the weather is bad...

(Tons of lag. Not updated further =( )

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