Recent Stuff: I tuned the Windows a lot. Now it finally runs better and faster than ever!

Some stuff I installed:

  • RegCleaner - not MS RegClean, much better. =)
  • ZoneAlarm - From Swiss cheese to Swiss bank. Well, almost. (If you consider a shady shack on the side of a mountain with "Bank" sing on top of it a Swiss bank...)
  • Powertoys - QuickRes still wasn't part of win98 dist...

The speed problem was fixed by turning the hard disk's DMA off. No idea why that was slowing it down! Now it boots in 1 minute 47 seconds, when it used to boot in 4 minutes 4 seconds. =)

Other stuff: some customization of MSIE... not that I'll ever make it my primary browser.

The video capture still doesn't work. =(

Today... well, what I'll do today remains to be seen. I needed to bang the machine's chassis somewhat to make it not rumble and wail.

Moaning Goat.


(Dammit, I should stop nodin' from Windows. Well, I guess it's a side effect of playing games here...)

Played some OpFlashpoint again. I almost won the first "solo" mission in the campaign. I even stole a Skoda and drove out of the town. (The look on the faces of the Russian soldiers who were standing on the side of the road when I drove past was probably some mix of amusement and amazement...)

After the Massive Driver Upgrades, Black & White seems to work a bit better, even if the graphics quality seems to have fallen a bit... I was even able to quit the thing before it crashed! I need to play it more today.


Okay, some Black & White for a couple of hours and it didn't crash! Way cool! Way way way way cool!

My success as a god wasn't entirely cool, though.

Navigatory stuff coming later...