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Okay, so, technically I'm supposed to be attending a lecture right now. I am not. I just slept a bit too long. (Sometimes I thing E2 is going to make me suffer.)

Today's greatest thing was that I'm ahead one step in trying to figure out how to see more dreams. I had one dream today (will be noded later), and I think I had that because the TV wasn't on.

Last night I watched Blazing Saddles.

More to be done today, Now, onward to the Usenet...


Whoa, night falls soon =)

I now remember why I got the process-table module for Perl... Need to hack the YiffCam software to use that creatively. =)

Cool discoveries: Gnus can migrate! Cool!


TV: pictures of lunar eclipse from north Finland... moon is red.

Strangest thing that happened today: Coffee stains formed yin-yang pattern on the bottom of cup.

Hacked my webcam a bit further, as described above. It now uses the process table module to search for command lines that match certain regexp, by default, "xawtv|gnometv|wmtv", and gives different error message if a) grab fails and b) such program is running.

Other day logs o' mine...

Noded today by y.t.: Dream Log: January 9, 2001