Haha! Still not sleeping in the Humane Times, and my Head Hurts™, but one thing is cool:

Gnus actually works now. I use leafnode to get my fresh hot articles, over ssh pipe to the university.

And it even looks like slrn, but is, of course, a lot more configurable (I know some elisp but not s-lang at all). Way cool, bab3z! =) Even some keys (like "o" to save article, "c" to catch-up) work similiarly!

Some small config-related things to iron out, still but otherwise this should work.

So, again, good night, E2, we'll see later.


Morning! =)

Slight headache, but I'm alive. Onward to Other Places...

No one will care whether or not I would like to be an editor, but...


Yeehaw. Someone FINALLY sent me an E-mail worm (Hybris, aka "Snowhite (sic) and the Seven Dwarfs"). I obviously have too many Unix geeks as friends... =)


...this is not a typical way for me to spend a Sunday: had TinySex. First time with another male. *g*


...and this year's first NoCeM shell was shot by the glorious Mortar with the help of Gnus.

::WWWWolf peers at the horizont, waiting for the shells to hit the targets::

The actual notice posting is neat, but it could be a lot more neater, still...

Other day logs o' mine...

Noded today by y.t.: What is Everything? Leafnode