I'm not having fun.

Last night, I had some great ideas (about a new cool executable format using binfmt_misc.o) and wrote some hacks (a new hex dumper because od doesn't do quite what I want...)

The problem? I'll always be a nobody. People expect to see Gurus who write generally useful big things. I just... write what helps me to do things I do, that's all...

Well, maybe I should quit whining now, no one wants to hear me whining again anyway.


...and the goddamned MechWarrior 4 is still not in the stores... =(

(Sorta-happy-but-really-not-that-happy sigh...)


So.... how has my day gone? Not really nicely, but no complaints, still...


Some thoughts (so that this daylog won't be entirely worthless):

Apple machines used to come with blueprints. Nowadays, MS operating systems don't even come with the full manuals.

A few days back, I had this horrible vision of seeing a shelf full of blueprints for modern PCs. What if modern machines would come with blueprints? And technical specifications? And OS specifications?

It's just this trend that every device we see are getting "simplified". My TV has one SCART socket. My video has no RCA sockets, and not even audio dub/insert features...

Oh dear. It's always a compromise between "simple enough that the newbies won't get scared" and "enough features that the power users won't get scared".

(This machine of mine has no goddamned ISA bus. AND only four PCI/AGP slots total... And not enough drive bays... mmmmumble mumble....)

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