Hellllloooooo E2! I'm back after yet another weekend in Kuhmo.

What I did in weekend? Helped with webmastering, made one Linux box a bit more screwup-proof (it's what we call with technical term "used by someone who knows only a few things about Windows and even less of Linux" =) - I switched the user's window manager to Sawmill, among other things.

Maybe I should make a page that tells what sort of things I've done there - this might help people who are in similiar situation.

Today? Well, I woke up sort of late again, nothing worth mentioning has happened...


(Yawn) Done usenet, posted about zillion messages. (Well, eleven, at least!)

I'm hungry. Reeeeeally hungry. Maybe I'll go to the town first, though.


Still no MechWarrior 4 in stores... =(


Fooled around with gnome-session.


YES, I know I should avoid it - just for the sake of my mental health.

But I did it anyway and I already regret it. It was... painful. Again.

Excuse me for harsh language, but what the F* is wrong with GNOME + WindowMaker combination?

Granted, I'm the last remaining WindowMaker user on this planet, but still, I thought the very idea of GNOME way back then was that it would be a desktop environment that's separate from window manager - KDE was closely tied to its own window manager.

And now... Only Enlightenment and Sawfish work 100% with GNOME. And no, I'm not going to touch those, even with a ten-meter pole.

Yes, I'm bitter. For a reason.


I finally got to publish the Schedulist's old files... they're now in SourceForge, ready to download! Now if I only could get the CVS tree issue fixed... I sent them a request to ny00k the broken tree.

Other day logs o' mine...

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