J.C. Frost is apparently a random person who, after discovering a great way to make money, got 8 millions in 6 months for working for 10-15 hours per week. Or at least that's what his ad claims.

Never mind what currency that's in... if such sums seem unnatural, they probably are.

This J.C. Frost person, then, marketed this amazing book that describes his money-making method, initial print run 2000 copies. Buy yours now! Make money! Get your money back if you're not satisified!

Well, actually, you don't need to buy this book - some web sites (like the Finalta hero Jukka Pöyry's page) had information about this "method".

Basically Frost's book describes "confidential" information about how to make direct marketing to succeed. While the guide had good ideas about how to form a mail order company, it had nothing to do with the fast money making...

The book also had a section called "how to make a book when you don't know how to write books" - basically, they told people to study things from magazines and books, dictate the book and leave the writing for professionals. Apparently that book was written with similiar method =)

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