PC port - 1998, Eidos Interactive. The first FF series game that was ported to PC.

The PC port of the game is fairly interesting, because at the time of release, many games were moving towards full PCM audio or at least Red Book CD sound - and FFVII used good ol' MIDI! FFVII included a pretty nice soft synthetizer program (Yamaha S-YXG70) so that people with FM-synth based sound cards could enjoy the game. I must say that these days, the game indeed sounds mightily bold on my Sound Blaster Live!, even without the soft synth =)

The port had one serious flaw in it, though: The game utilized DirectX (no OpenGL support whatsoever), and absolutely insists on using 8-bit paletted textures. When I got this game I was using 3DFX Voodoo 1, so this was not a problem - cheap textures for a cheap card. Later, I got a new machine with ATI Rage 128, and on that card I needed to specifically set paletted textures on for this game which was pain in the neck. Now, when I wated to play the game on my new GeForce 2 MX, I was having a real difficulty: The card driver said nothing of paletted textures. Even the Eidos' "Riva/TNT" patch didn't help completely - while the thing did work 3D-acceleratedly, some textures were completely missing. The cheap fools at Eidos didn't put in proper texture support; The cheap fools at NVIDIA didn't put in support for cheap game houses... =( Apparently the software rendering isn't "perfect" here either... And, like TBBK said, the FMV sequences were somewhat buggy in PC version. As Seppy's choir might sing, Sic transeunt vegetablia mundi!

Kids: Play through your games before you do a Moore upgrade, because your great games may or may not work on new hardware =)

(And here I'm spewing techno-jargon, while Playstation version owners can still play the game with PS2 without any problems. Hmph.)