I finished Metal Gear Solid!

...at Normal skill level, early hours of this day. I was ranked Deer. Total time 12 hours and then some.

I know, they call it a relatively easy and short game, but this was the second game I've beaten in short notice.

<spoiler encoding="rot-13">

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And then: "Ravens on the roof..."

I encountered the first bug in MechWarrior 4: I made an Instant Action mission set in a city, and got to the action... the first enemy 'Mech was a piece of cake, but the second was harder.

It was a Raven that, for some odd reason, was standing on the roof of some theater. Well, I tried to shoot it down, but...

...it fell to the space between two buildings.

Even my lancemate's AI wasn't good enough to kill it from there. I needed a tricky way to send my alphastrikey message. =)

Well, time to face the challenges of the day.


"The Moon doesn't exist. It's a conspiracy."

I've spent some time reading about the "conspiracy" that the moon landings were a hoax...

...the arguments given by the doubters didn't make me a skeptic, but inspired me to download some cool space photographs from NASA. I found that famous photo of Buzz "Man On The Moon" Aldrin, for example...


Argh. Leafnode's posting thing seemed to get confused. I needed to repost some of articles I posted today. Well, Leafnode is still luxury compared to some other mail/news products. =)


If anyone were brave enough to look at my webcam right now, they'd see me having a small problem with noodles...

Other day logs o' mine...

(Goddamned lack of inspiration...)