I was away for the weekend in Kuhmo, where I did nothing specific. I just slept. (A weekend almost without computers. I'm probably getting insane. Or maybe I'm becoming a Bad Example.)

I released XMMS InfoPipe 1.1 last night. It probably rocks. (At least the much-requested file permission thing is there...)

Today... well, today another period started in the university. Coding environments, UIs, and stuff like that. (And I'm not making through the couple of courses that started before Christmas. Three-period system leads to exhaustion. Exhaustion leads to procrastination. And excessive procrastination... leads to suffering. =)

(Not that many sane people consider it possible to get through the institution in 4-5 years. I probably won't. =)


Today's other program to do: I need to go and buy MechWarrior 4 (it fii-ii-iiinally came to the stores here!) and go pick up my copy of the book I ordered (if it has come).

I'm sort of hungry now...


Okay, I bought MW4, and it, indeed, rocks. I was like a fish in the water, but button configuration needs to be checked out...

I have a headache of sorts...


Ah HA! As I said (but not in this daylog), the book I got was Applied Cryptography. I took a quick look at it. And almost immediately I figured out an effective data-hiding mechanism:

  1. Write the plaintext on paper.
  2. Place the paper on a flat surface.
  3. Place the book on top of it.

Now, no one can guess where the heck you're keeping the sensitive information, and once they figure out, they'll be unable to move the book because it's so damn huge.

For maximum security, place the paper on the surface text-side down and cover the book title (less smart people might figure out you're up to something!)


Slashdot sez Deja got bought by Google. My favorite search engine + my favorite news archive = my dream come true! =) (I just rejoice here. Didn't felt like posting a worthless yap of joy to Slashdot...)


(Philosophical way to end the day?)

I ate some noodles, and noticed one chicken-related oddishness. Why the word "kana" (chicken) is always emphasised in every food package I've seen recently?

I also tried video capture under Linux, cursed at crashing QuickTime->MPEG converters, and so on.

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