The character that used to be in InfoMagic's "Linux Developer Resource" CD-ROM cover. Actual name unknown.

ELFOS was just a gray ball with eyes and mouth, two feet with Mickey Mouse style shoes, a roman-style helmet with a red star and text "ELFOS", a rod with a sparkling star (InfoMagic's logo) and shield.

In earliest LDRs where it appeared it (he?) just looked forward alertly; In one 1996 release, he looked angry and sticked out the tongue (InfoMagic also made T-shirts that had this picture of ELFOS and the text "Linux: Operating System with an Attitude" on the back) and since then, the character appeared in wide variety of poses and situations, always kind of funny.

My sister once made a drawing in which ELFOS and Pacman meet, both look at each other very puzzledly.