I was visiting some people I didn't knew (but apparently others did). I had just waken up, and was in some old room in a very old and beautiful house. The bed was a beautiful old-style bed too, and there were silky thin transparent drapes all over the room. And dust. Attic room. Everything was illuminated by bright white light that was coming from the window. (Is it unusual to have dreamlike dreams?)

I took my Nokia Communicator and used the terminal program to connect to my home computer. I used TinyFugue to connect to a MUCK. One of my friends was online. I asked something like "how are you doing?" and he told me what he had been doing - and I just realized I didn't know anyone well enough to tell whether this was something unusual or something ordinary.

He told me a few more things on how he had been doing, and then, Minicom shut the connection with an error message: "The other user is suicidal. Connection terminated for the protection of both users." I could see his comment on the screen, and it definitely wasn't the case - but the comment did have a few keywords that the filter might have picked up. I just thought that this was the reason why the filters suck in general - no sense of the context of words...

I tried to reconnect, but that was slow and hard (GSM network availability was low, I suppose, and probably also due to the low GSM data rate). While that was in progress, a big wasp flew in. It made unusual noise, and was about 9 centimeters in size! It couldn't get to me, because it was a stupid insect and kept colliding on some drapes and windows in the room, so I looked at it and thought for a while. Could this insect be dangerous? I had not seen it, that was for sure.

After a while, I thought that maybe it is very dangerous after all, and ran to bottom floor. The others were having breakfast (and it was 5 o'clock in the morning!). I told them of the insect, and they told me to take it easy. They also said I would be going out with this captain...

Next, I was standing on some springboard high above a bay. The old seacaptain was there with me. Before I talked to him, his ship appeared. It was a rowing boat. Gigantic rowing boat, the size of a normal ship, covering the whole bay. It just appeared from under the water and it was there. The captain leaped down from the springboard to the bottom of the boat, and I followed him.

As I was standing there, the boat rocked. I noticed the boat was extremely unstable - slightest movement could make the whole thing move a lot. The captain mentioned this, and I asked how this boat would move. "Why, you row the boat, of course!" I saw the HUGE oars on the bottom of the boat, and moved to take it - which was a mistake because that made the boat collapse and sink.

Apparently it would come to surface automatically later, but we were instantly washed to the shore. I was also somehow dry. I looked for the captain, and found him a few moments later. He tried to rise, was afraid that his legs were paralyzed, but then noted that they were just broken. Both of them.

I ran for help through the forest. There were people I knew vaguely in a tent a short journey away. I shouted that they should come to help us on the beach. Then I ran away, too shy to see them. I don't know where, but I knew they were going to help the capitain. Far away, I saw them running to help him.

I also saw some odd glowing creatures in the woods...

Interpretations: I have had the idea that I don't know anyone for some time now. No idea what Minicom was doing there. The wooden boat was proparly because people recently mentioned the Vasa ship (a big ship at the time and also a teensy bit unstable one)... The glowing creatures in the forest? Either the Harry Potter movie or Neverwinter Nights, take your pick =)