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(Haven't seen dreams for a looong time, and even this one isn't much...)

I, and my family, were travelling somewhere.

We had stopped somewhere, and we went to a hotel. I remember that the hotel had an old wooden table.

The hotel also had some sort of sauna. Some guy who worked in the sauna was ranting there how great thing the shower was and how everyone should try it... I tried the shower, and when I came out, I could just scratch the blisters and corns off of my feet.

So, we were once once again about to get moving... The car was on a side street, similiar to one side street in Kuhmo. My sister had a strange pseudonym. She was sitting on my seat. I remember that I needed to cross the street first to get to the car, and before I did that, an electric railway engine drove past slowly. (It had no railway cars... and there were no rails?)