Clearly a "game dream."

The game was about an escape from a POW camp.

The characters I controlled were trying to plan escape, as the guards ran into the barrack and noted what they were up to. The officer came in and warned us not to continue on our plans.

As they were about to leave, someone else (not "my" character) said "never mind, I have another plan ready..." and told the whole plan while the guards were listening.

The officer was obviously furious. Next I knew, the escapers were in a bus being transported to another camp.

One of the guards threatened us, but then, something happened, and they were scared of a female civilian passenger. I switched on the first-person view, and just thanked her for that... and then noticed why the guards were scared: She had seven fingers on her right hand. Then I wondered why the guards were scared of that...

She said most people didn't notice that right away, and my character was the first one to do so so fast. I examined the hand closely. It had six fingers, and one that was growing. I moved the extra fingers, and could feel the hand bones moving - I thought that might have been painful, but she didn't seem to mind.

Interpretation thing: Yesterday I saw a game called Prisoner of War in TV...