I was in Kuhmo. We were outside on the front of the house, and my sister told me to look into backyard - there was a fox in there. I looked in there, and tried to go near the fox - but the fox ran away. I soon noted that it had not got scared of me, but rather the wolf that was coming right at me. I was thinking the wolf was going to bite me. It leaned against me, trying to get close. I thought the wolf was a bit small one, even when when it was leaning against me its head was on the same level as my chest. The head looked smaller than average wolf's head. Maybe it was a young wolf. The wolf couldn't bite me, because I kept dodging, and it only could nibble me a bit in the arm.

When I went to the backyard second time, the wolf tried this thing again, but the third time, it was all nice and didn't bother anyone. My father had some stuff lying around the front of the house (a washing machine taken apart, I think), and the wolf just walked among the things. Everyone had come out to see the wolf. The wolf was mostly a black and dark gray one, thing with only some white fur here and there, and looked rather skinny and young, and was bigger than any dog in the neighborhood.