The first part of the dream was set in Desperados: Wanted Dead or Alive computer game.

The situation was set in the second mission where the objective was to release Doc before he gets hanged. John Cooper was hiding under some wagons that had Gatling guns, and wondered what would be the best way to get rid of them. Of course! Dynamite! Sam could blow the wagons (and guns) to pieces and open the escape route.

Of course, getting Sam there would be a problem. But first, Sam would need to carry the knocked-out priest to some safer place. Since I was asleep, and it was night, it was night in the game too (interesting logic, huh?) it would be possible to do this with much less fuss. Sam took the priest and carried him across the field, towards the far edge of the map (in the real game, you can't get there!) and I knew that since you can't get there in the real game, the sheriff's men will never find the priest and we had all the time in the world to rescue Doc.

I saw some light, though, and the person who was using that snowmobile (snowmobile? in Wild West? Well, it wasn't moving too well during the dream, either =) almost spotted me. Sam moved the priest out of the way and then got the priest's horse to safe place, too.

I needed to "save" the game often and even "load" it a couple of times. In one case the sheriff got bored of waiting and ordered Doc to be stoned and hanged at the same time. (The hanging event itself looked very artificial and everyone saw that was just acting...)

Another dream sequence involved my plush fox... I guess it had got rather dirty in the wild west. Anyway, in this sequence, I was in a mall. For some reason, I was carrying a bottle of Vodka. It was a glass bottle that had a plush fox-like outside - the neck of the bottle came out of the fox's mouth. As I walked around the mall, I poured some of the vodka on the floor. I even drank some of it, but it tasted like water. (that would be "voda", not vodka =). I removed the plush-fox-like outsides from the bottle, too.

As I got to the car again, my father was fixing the car. He had spilled some oil on my plush fox, and I was very angry.