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Again, whatever I remember from the last night's dream...

Another travelling dream...?

In one part, I was in Helsinki-Vantaa airport. It was night outside the airport, the sky was pitch black and the lights of the airport had yellowish tint of bulbs. Apparently this was a domestic flight, because I worried about my passport and then thought "oh, yeah, no need for that".

Well, I think we returned to home at some point to get stuff that everyone had been forgetting.

I took my photography equipment, I had a lots of stuff I wanted to take with me and I was supposed to stuff that to the small space I had. I had no space for my small fixed focus camera, my SLR took almost all of the space in my bag (strange), so I gave it to my mother. I had rolls of film there, but the plastic film roll package cylinders, whatever they're called, had just shreds of the film package cardboard. I have a Leatherman clone, but as I found it, it had broken to two pieces (Chinese Quality™)

I think that I and a largish group of other people were waiting for our flight in a small room, watching some movies from video and... singing. A strangely familiar guy (in the dream I couldn't remember who that was and I don't remember now either - in the dream I thought that might have been a music teacher of mine) was in the front of the room with an acoustic guitar. Apparently he knew who I was, because he asked me a question (and I didn't remember the answer at that time either).