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Again, not much stuff I could remember. I do remember a few bits, though.

In one point, I had got a package of Jaz disks. This was a package of six disks, cheap too (Only a part of one real Jaz disk's price), and they were slimmer than normal Jaz disks. Plus, they were colored green. Those were wrapped in plastic, though, no cover was included.

In another segment, I was going from central London to Heathrow, on a really rainy day too. I was in a truck. (Again in a truck???) My mother was there. We stopped at traffic light, and the driver jumped down from his seat, came to the back part and told me to drive. "This new person here", he said in heavily Arab-accented Finnish, "is the boss." The Boss came in the truck. "Want to see the boss?" I was under the impression these two guys were smuggling illegal immigrants or something.

I didn't dare to tell this fellow I didn't had a truck driving permit. Hmm, so I just thought that maybe I'll drive forward until they ask, and not try anything tricky.