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Hmm... again, not too clear memories. I remember, though, that this was a game dream of sorts. The game used Tux Racer graphics engine, and it was a world of snow, mountains. I don't remember what happened in the beginning, but all I remember was that a young girl was taken up in the air by some big bird. We tried to shoot the bird (or something), it dropped the girl on top of icy lake. The girl went to a cabin that was on the beach of the lake, to get less snowy clothes.

I remember that I was in the army truck. I was part of some group whose mission was to protect this girl. I was the one whose responsibility was encryption and communication. So, the truck had two chairs. I joyously proclaimed how great those low chairs were in the truck back where I was, and how great they were to support the stuff I put on them; I toyed with the idea that each of those chairs should have their own domain names, in case either would be put off the net. but I rejected the idea because it was kind of silly and I'm against of wasting domains.

So, I told someone to shoot the big bird in case it would threaten the girl again. I got a reply from the others, encrypted in a really silly way: The message "OHI" (missed!) was just written upside down in some jumble of block characters. I decided to devise a better cipher. I was thinking of a keystream generator when I woke up...