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Sketchy details, but I had at least two dream sequences last night...

A friend of mine from the States - whom I have never met in RL - had come to see me. I don't remember much from this part, other than a few points. I was naked in the bathroom, and when I opened the door he was on the other side. I closed the door kind of quickly and found my bath robe =)

Much to my surprise, he was speaking fairly understandable Finnish. Anyway, he found one thing from the hideous mess I had in the room: A pair of skis, probably as old as my father or something, that was packaged in cardboard box and paper. I told him I'm not that interested about skiing in general...

In another dream sequence, I was in Helsinki Fantasiapelit shop (RPG store) in the middle of the winter. It had become a BIG shop since I last was there; only about half of the hall was in use and even heated =)

I walked around, carrying some blue sourcebook that some map of fantasy land in the cover. (During my walk, it turned into a CD-ROM with the same cover - and I had forgotten where I had got it from so I left it on one shelf.) I noticed they were also selling game-related shirts; I started looking for a shirt that would have a BattleTech logo. I saw similiar designs, but not BT shirts. I also noted something pretty crazy: Cardboard pizza boxes, complete with game logos! Next to them, they sold "Pizza shirts" - ie, again those game shirts, but they were folded so they looked kind of like those pizza boxes.

I walked around the shop, but as I said, the other half of the shop was cold and empty. I even ran into Jessie and James of Team Rocket there (Ugh, overdose of Pokemon?) and tried to ran away from them... I ran out to the snowy streets, wondering the circus of Helsinki traffic.