I'm having a flu, so I didn't sleep too well this night... many dream fragments:

  • There was a "secret santa" type of thing in Diablo II: People threw cheap items to a lake, and someone else got that item. It turned out that someone was cheating... there were a list of suggestions for good presents: Daggers, swords and so on...
  • There were some "homogenic viruses" written in Java: They looked like normal Java classes, and by heuristic analysis it was impossible to say that they would be harmful. When run, they spread and caused damage. They modified .class files that had the main() method; the modification was done so that classes that check the checksums of classes before dynamically loading them couldn't tell that the files had been altered! The apps the viruses were originally came from were just normal, but somewhat useless applications. (Can't remember what they did, but two of them had titles in Finnish.)
  • Osama bin Laden had cracked my computer. He used it to play Diablo II on net - he had created a new player character called "Ali (something)"... (Now this is terrorism!)