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I was on the road again...

I got out of the bus in some small village, that apparently had a BIG hotel - or perharps "entertainment complex" would be a better term. I wandered around the place.

Then, at some point, I walked back to Laser Tag game area (looked more like disco to me, open area with colored lights and music!) to get my bag. Some players of the game shot me with their laser guns, but I just shouted "I'm not playing this game, I would just like to get my bag back!"

I finally found my bag. My stuff was there all right, but my cellphone was not there. It had been replaced by Nokia portable cassette player!

I was about to call my parents to give me the serial number and other codes (to shut the phone down so it couldn't be used anymore by the thieves), but I didn't had money to do that.

I went to the cellar - they had a travel agency there - and looked at the town map. The police station was on the other side of the town, and I needed to walk a long way to get there.

It was a dark morning, in the spring... After a long walk, I ended up to a market place, somewhere near the police station. I thinked aloud, "I wonder where the police station is?" and someone, that I didn't notice earlier, caught my attention. He was apparently a policeman, but he didn't had a normal uniform. He told me where the station was, and we walked there togheter.

He said that there hadn't been much crimes, so at the times, his "office" was in the woods or hiking paths...

When we finally got there, he started asking me questions about this theft. He used several juridical terms I couldn't understand, but when I told about it in my own words, he seemed to understand.


So, then I woke up. Apparently, the dream was convincing enough, because I really thought my phone was gone!