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Noded with C64... Less Cool OCR Problems: SMS become... umm, various variations here, but "5115" became the 31337est of them, and "spam" was constantly read as "spain" - sorry for all people of Spanish origin, blame the TextBridge makers. =)


Well, hmm... I don't remember much, but at least I remember something.

First dream segment

I remember a Moltres, somewhere... some people were teasing it, so it belched fire. I think it seemed to turn into Magmar at one point.

Second dream segment

I was in home. As described in recent daylogs, my cellphone has cellphone has been kind of nonfunctional... now, some advertiser had sent me some SMS spam.

I was annoyed that I got SMS spam loud and clear (and this was the first time I had got SMS spam, now when I, in general, had severe trouble receiving real SMS messages...

The spam was from a "new media company" I had heard of, but I can't remember the name. It sounded familiar, even when I'm pretty certain the company doesn't exist in RL.

I was even more annoyed when I noticed that in the Communicator display, the "Delete" button somehow was available when I had highlighted the real SMS messages but didn't appear when I highlighted the spam message (so I had to open the menu and delete it that way).

Instead, in the advertiser's message.. the delete button was replaced by "Chat". I pushed that button.. and I got the 9110 terminal emulator, with Emacs-like screen. The buffer was labeled "Chat". So, I started waiting that someone would send me another message.. maybe this would make SMS conversations easier...

Strange that the terminal emulator was white-on-black, by the way... and didn't flicker like I would have expected it to flicker, in fact, it seemed like the thing would have had a CRT display instead of LCD.

Some people were watching TV in my home; the TV program was some Baywatchesque yet-another-beach-drama in which some pretty guy talked to two women, then took off his T-shirt, and other of these women said extremely boredly "well, I guess he isn't gay, like I expected..."