I was in a secret island that the US government tried to hide from the public.

On the island lived some sort of very human-like race that had been found from Mars during a Mars flight and brought to Earth. Exactly why they had decided to cover it up was not known, because the race was entirely harmless - they looked like humans, dressed like humans, and had learned to speak different human languages. They just were somewhat care-free and stupid by Earth standards.

I went to the local cinema. They were showing some sort of movie in which people were watching a Battletech movie and the giant warmachines leaped out of the movie. The watchers - all these Martians - fled to other parts of the movie theater in the movie, just as one of the tanks drove over a land mine and the explosion threw it just over the shoulders of these people.

Some special forces unit of US army visited the island. They arrived on a high-tech drop boxes; The boxes fell on earth, were slowed down by rockets, and when they touched down, the soldiers rolled out of them, forming a perfect formation. The uniforms were perfectly clean and neat and each of the companies had different color of beret. I heard one of the "outsiders" talking with the officer who explained what these Martian people did there.

Later that day, I was eating in the cafe and talking about stuff with a nice older gentleman. After he left, I saw the price list that was on the wall: All sums were in some oddly-named currency, and there was some sort of comment that "euros are accepted, exchange rate..." and then some insane sum = insane sum formula. (I thought it would have been easier to figure out the price difference if they had used smaller sums.)

At one point, I was in car with these foolish creatures. We had stopped, I had switched to the driver's seat, but I still had tons of stuff on my hands. I was trying to get rid of them, until I noticed the car was moving backwards down the hill. I hit brake as fast as I could! I told them what the hand brake was for, and they thought it was interesting - but they kept commenting on my driving skills, nevertheless.

Meanwhile, a professor came to see the island's doctor. He said that he had come there on a submarine, had knocked out this captain Nemo who had kept him as his prisoner, and now needed to get some way of contacting the civilized world. The doctor commented on how some government agents (apparently?) had attacked him and also almost damaged his spine, but he decided to fetch the weird radio widget from the back room. The radio - if it was a radio - had some sort of computational (encryption?) system in it that was based on small cylinders hanging from two long golden rods that spun around, and the cylinders were arranged in form of binary code.

Yeah, again the previous day's stuff had their effect: I watched The X-Files and started reading 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea. Land mine? Princess Mononoke, the movie I watched before going to sleep. The older guy in cafe / professor's explanation? Must be from Sunday's episode of The Prisoner.