So, the Series Of Tricky OO Trivia was asked from y.t. today. Piece of cake, actually... just that I had no idea what shallow copy or late binding was. Well, that was two points out of potential 24... without virtually no studying involved! Praise Be Unto Turbo Pascal 7.0! =)

Now I'm sitting in the UNIX lab and reading Stuff. Going home next... I have tons of stuff to do this weekend, things like "relaxation" or whatever it's called these days (haven't seen such wonders recently)...

I had an idea re: DayMetaNoder last night, I'll code it if I remember...


(OK, someone's been downvoting daylogs...)


I had another great coding idea! This time for an XMMS plugin... Hint: it's related to the Web somehow, and someone has probably thought of it earlier...

Time to learn how to make FIFOs and sockets and shit in C...


Got XEmacs21-GTK. This baby rocks. It's schwiit™...


In CyberNet tv program, I saw a game called Giga Wing. A vertical scrolling shoot-em-up. They don't make a lot of those these days! =) Yep, the new consoles have their sides... Are there any good 2D scrollers out there for Linux that require a P-III? =)


So this is how the named pipe thingies work in C. Cool. Just say mkfifo(...); and after that, they act just like normal files... =)

Too bad I need to make a named pipe server in C. Currently, it spews forth crap into the pipe even when there's no one that listens - so, when there's a reader around, it'll get anything from 2 to 2000 lines of stuff out of the pipe. Not What I Intended.

I'm slowly understanding how to do select(..);. The syntax is pretty hairy, but then again, I'm just used to the way it was done in Perl...

I've noticed the ESR's definition of "scratch the itch" programming fits on me. I'm coding something because it helps me to do stuff. =)


Big D'oh3!

I posted a comment to Slashdot asking where the updated version of Golgotha source code might be, and moments after I found a source snapshot from my download directory, dated 30th April.

Other day logs o' mine...

Noded today by y.t.: shallow copy Nazi glib