Yay! The Wakeup Project is going well... I actually got up at 10:30!

Okay, what's the sad story this time? I had a bad night. I... well, was unable to sleep (too much coffee and such), complained at #gimp and didn't really wish they'd hear...

...at four or so I picked up something to eat. Noticed I had been too absent-minded yesterday that I didn't had even remembered to eat anything!

Well, time to face the challenges of the day. (Should that phrase be trademarked? =)

(Wow, I appear in the Snapshot... Strange... =)


So, hmm... tomorrow is the day I'll suck, I guess. Or not. OO Programming exam? Just theory and stuff, right? The excercises seemed fairly "possible", so I hope I'll pass.

(This half year has been BAD...)

OK, need to inhale some information.


Spent some painful moments with Java and stuff. I wish Java would have as easy text handling stuff as Perl... Hmm, maybe I'll make prototype of this recursive menu parsing stuff (programming assignment, to be returned before spring =) in Perl.


Hmmmm... I have something wrong.

I used to be somewhat good at some things, but now I seem pretty... demented. I don't know what's going on, but it seems I've turned into an idiot.

Evidence? I wrote that GIMP tutorial last night. Even a tame monkey could figure out what that stuff was about. I wrote a small Perl scriptlet that displays a dialog OR runs an app depending on conditions, total 10 minutes of work with Perl + Glade... Am I stupid or something??? I'm nowhere near the (feeble) level I used to be. In short, I'd like to say I'm beaten...

(And I put this comment at wrong time first. Damn I'm stupid.)


I would really need to get yiffed or something... No time for that though. =(

Judging from the Node Heaven, I participated in grand total of 3 GTKYNs. Waaah! I'm a loooo-oo-ooser! My street credibility among level 1 noders is nearing zero! =)

Oh, damn, they nuked "Teach yourself 'Hello, world!' in 24 languages", too, even when it wasn't really a GTKYN and was actually useful... It had +24 rep. Oh well, XP won't pay the rent, so I think I'll just re-node that someday under a much better title. (6502 would look more appropriate place...)


(Is wa7 becoming "The Node Linked To All Daylogs" or something? =)

Other day logs o' mine...

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Updated: BatMUD

Nukerequested: Some crap, one GTKYN submission. (I think that'll be all... =)