Finally! I showed signs that I could wake up at 10!

Regrettably I could't get up before 12, so that point was fairly rhetorical.

To do today: Well, I should get my photos from the developing country (Several months worth of photos, looks like the dark part of the year is not a good time), and such.

Time to face the challenges of the day...


Got the pictures... Nothing particularly interesting, it seems, one cool 3D picture of Mikko the plush fox, photo of certain sort of emulation, Some coffee-related pictures for an art project or something, more landscapes, and such.

Most pictures were sort of screwed, because the flash doesn't work at all. Well, GIMP exists just for situations like this =)

Some system whine: Sodipodi seems cool, just that it has one kind of annoying thing: it crashes. Is Sketch the only well-working vector art program for Linux?

Blender 2.0x is still not available as Debian package??? I had some dragon-related ideas last night, but couldn't realize them because I suck at 3D modelling in general...

(I *thought* this was writeup was at +2 at some point, now at -1? OK, here's a hint for the tr0lLz: d0nT d00nW00t d31l0gz, d00dz!!!!1!!1!)


Done bashing through a week's worth of new pictures in Velar... Hmm, what next?


Got JavaCheddarbox to work in Mozilla. Kewl. I just hoped this Motif dependancy would be Dead.


I played a "nice" game of Go against GNU Go. And I lost.

I thought it was impossible to make a Go program that would beat humans. Well, I think I really suck at games... =)


Argh. Hotmail commercials in TV.


(***ng Mozilla lost this thing...)

I wrote a new GIMP tutorial, but that just sucks.


E-mail me if that's actually coherent enough for you to follow... I'll then make it much less coherent...

I've never felt this lonely in my whole life. God I need a hug...

Other day logs o' mine...

Noded today by y.t.: Sodipodi

Updated: LinuxFox (since "Cartoon characters I'd like to sleep with" was nuked =)