Guess who woke up too late... Woke up around 13:00 and watched Simpsons and such.

The Rodent seems to Act Up. I don't know why this is so; I'll use my tablet...

Time to face the challenges of the day.


Usenet done. News done. Total boredom, d00dz...

Well, I'm listening to tracker music now. At mostly full volume. And I love it.

Hmmmmmmmm... Yesterday, a lot of Deborah909 softlinks, now it seems to be Magenta's turn. When do I get my very own softlink day? Never, I guess, I'm doomed to be a loser...


Random example of the power of UNIX: How easily can you do this in Windows?

mpg123 -s original.mp3 | sox -r44100 -sw -t sw - -t wav -v 1.36 - | vorbize -w target.ogg (...vorbize parameters...)

I got tired of listening to one mp3 that had too quiet volume (it's a Last Ninja 2 remix, to be exact), so I decided to volume up it a bit. Regrettably, this approach requires that I decode the file first and figure out the -v parameter value with sox tempfile.wav -e stat first... then again, that's the only way.


Random tinkering around with Amaya, trying to make it understand RSACi ratings with PICS.

Some idiot at W3C had decided PICS label should have double quotes inside it (and single quotes are Right Out, according to MSIE). Of course, the label is supposed to be given either in HTTP response (or META Http-Equiv tag). Now, to make a META Http-Equiv, you need to surround the CONTENT attribute value with - you guessed it - double quotes, so quoting gets screwed. Well, fortunately attribute can be surrounded with single quotes, but apparently Amaya had hard time understanding such things. Or maybe it was just a glitch.

Anyway, I got it to understand the way PICS labels should be given... it's entirely different matter if the site in question needs RSACi label, but that's another matter.

Other day logs o' mine...

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