Mewwy Chwistmws...
anw hwppw nww wwwr!

So, this Christmas eve has been fairly, um, normal.

Well, the hot question of the day was the rice porridge... I got that luck-bringing almond. Woohoo. =)

Played Monopoly with my sister until we got bored. "Mikonkatu" was given to my plush fox, for obvious reasons. It had a hotel, too. My sister ended up there. 22000 mk rent. Mikko became a rich fox.

So, I hope I'll see what cool stuff Santa brings... or how many sorts of cheese I can eat this year.


So, what I got?

And NYES, I ate precisely 4 sorts of cheese today. That sorta normal stuff, then peppered cheese, Brie and... what was that? Blå Castello or what was that called? Roquefort derivative, anyway.

(Navigation stuff coming after Christmas break...)

Noded today: Haddon Sundblom