I really should stop staying up 'til 4... at least I woke up in finite time today =)

But anyway, the cool news: Gnus works! It started working after I updated it and gave it a valid NNTP server name =)

And it even supports ssh tunneling!

(nntp "oulussh"
      (nntp-address "tuomi.oulu.fi")
      (nntp-rlogin-program "ssh")
      (nntp-rlogin-user "ulankine")
      (nntp-open-connection-function nntp-open-rlogin)
      (nntp-end-of-line "\n")
       ("nc" "news.oulu.fi" "nntp")))

(Actual server declaration also includes more ssh parameters...)

The bad thing?

The goddamned tcsh, how I hate thee.

Now, the Gnus expects (quite logically) that the remote server speaks NNTP. And "TERM: Undefined variable." isn't actually part of NNTP, you know...

I wish the university would let me to change shell without a Divine Intervention...

Wellwell. Time to face the challenges of the day...

(Let me guess: The hy00zly blasted daylog downvoter scripts again, uh?)


When I went to the university I took some photographs of the nice foggy views outside. (<drifting-thoughts>Maybe I should also take screenshots of Quake for some fraggy views...</drifting-thoughts>)

"The Internet and Computer Networks" lecture: More drifting thoughts. Umm, I got a bit drowsy.

Just one thing that the lecturer said, regarding Spamdexing: "Maybe we should try that in the excercises..." Ugh, I sincerely hoped he meant that we should try that in context of searching, not authoring... =)

I wanted to write more stuff earlier, but the server called nfstu was down so I couldn't log on...


Phwwww... A lot of stuff to do. Hmm hmm. Gnus still doesn't work like I wanted, but I wish it will soon.

I visited the university library today to get some ideas for humppa writeup. The Eläkeläiset record I got a while ago seems to have a song about a gay werewolf or something... =)



God I need a hug... (or you-know-more-deep-kindness while I'm at it...)


I think I need to node more of the SJG's edition of Principia Discordia...

...speaking of which: Not a single +-vote for my "real" writeups today... I'd ask you to waste your votes on the "real" writeups!

"You dind't buy this book to read my drivel. Turn the page and read Mal's drivel instead."

- Steve Jackson

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