OK, so it's pretty... early... and I'm supposed to wake up early... awww, what the hell.

Happened Since The Midnight:

I tried to use GNUS, but infortunately adding a mailbox to the newsgroup list proved to be impossible even after two hours of work. (GNUS is going to be the Next Mail/News Reader for me. I just hope the university will upgrade the XEmacsen in the workstations to some version that won't crash when I try to do something that requires loading of elisp function...)

Asked help from the newsgroups.

Fighting in the catbox. Not nice. Not nice at all. Violence never solves anything. Peace, folks...

OK, time for me to go to sleep... or something... (just... one... more... vote...)


Morning! (Or afternoon. Or whatever time of day you may be living, anyway.)

I woke up slightly late, because, um, I finally got to sleep at 4 or so...

Well, time to face the challenges of the day.


Done Usenet and E-mail.

GNUS is slowly starting to understand what I'm doing. Slowly.

(Maybe I should make "Reading Mail With GNUS HOWTO" or something? =)

GIMP 1.1.30 is out. This might fix the problem I'm having with new XF86 4.0 and the Wacom tablet...


Had to reboot Linux.

I have no idea what the hell is going on. Just that I got ext2 errors to kernel log that the filesystem was corrupted - I rebooted and it fscked happily away, and it worked again.

Two theories:

  • The hard disk (/dev/hdb) is failing. It has served me for a longish time, but aside of noise® (Seagate trademark =) I've not found it to act strangely.
  • 2.4.0-test11 sucks. This is more likely; Last time when DRI made it to crash and fsck I got a physical hard disk error of some sort (not "media error", however, I think...) every time after a partition was fscked and it just resetted ide0 succesfully and kept movin'.

I can already imagine the next telephone conversation I'll have soon: "Uh, dad? You said I will get CD-R drive someday.. I could really use that now. Can I get it for Christmas?"

I backed up over 500 megs worth of downloaded files and about the same amount of files from my home directory. I wish I'd have a graphical interface for tar... (/me goes to install GuiTar)

The file stuff backup had its good sides, though - I found a copy of StarFox 64 USA version ROM. I finally got to try out UltraHLE on a strong enough machine... the game didn't work, but at least I got to hear the absolutely beautiful main menu music.


Hmm, maybe I should go for ReiserFS once the stable 2.4 gets released...


Ah, I see - it was a kernel bug afterall... "Should Be Fixed In test12".


...so Randofu is "done".

I wonder what the heck is going around me. In case you were wondering, I've seen that recently, the world around me is... well, disappearing in flames and sorrow.


My advice: Stay Cool. Don't give up.

Even under desperation, there is always hope.

"What you're experiencing now is a temporary distortion of reality..."

If anyone out there feels sudden anger, come to me and I'll hug you. And give you a flower or something. I promise.


::WWWWolf sighs::

...I wish I would be a poet or something...

...and that people would show even a little bit more that they care about other people...

Forgive me my sins, World, for I have sinned.


Is this a tear? It's rolling down my cheek... Yes, it's a tear. And another, and another.

There are no words to describe this pain of the world.

The sky is dark,
Will drown the cries of pain
the wind, in shades of night

(These poems won't translate well...)

Other day logs o' mine...

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