The Wakeup Project: Close, but not quite a stylish-lung-tarring-item. I woke up at 11 o'clock or so and got up at noon, when I had alarm at 9. Well, at least this day will not be completely wasted like the last weekend was...

Usenet: Looks like hUpSiK has boldly gone to international Linux groups this time... Looks like the "official" translation for "Joka kodissa pitäisi olla ikkuna eikä pingviini" is "In the each home should be window nor penguin" (Comment from a random .sodat reader: "Fantastic text, almost better than what I can write in English" =). Trolls can be... interesting... at times.


OK, my personal MTA history:

Sendmail -> smail -> Exim -> smail -> PostFix

I junked Sendmail because version 8.8.8 had a serious security hole (hey, ever heard of a version of Sendmail that would not be buggy? *thwap* Plus, the config file format is WAYYY above the straight people's understanding. Thank God I'm Not Straight. I've heard of many newbies who got their brains fried when they saw sendmail.cf, and they could only blabber "UNIX is hard" for the rest of their lives and they could not even think of E-mail... =)

Geek hits! Geek bites! Geek shows you his sendmail.cf!--more--
You're permanently confused.

Exim was junked because it thought my local mail should be delivered to postmaster@ISP. *wide grin*

I now got Postfix, it seems to be pretty decent and at least the feature list looks impressive. AND it delivers local mail as expected, so fetchmail has actually chance of working =)

Sweet. Now I wish I would read my mail via POP3/IMAP so all this cool upgrading would actually make sense... =)


Whee, Postfix' SMTP banner can be configured. Woo hoo. Wonder-SMTP-server. =)

nighthowl:~$ telnet localhost smtp
Connected to localhost.
Escape character is '^]'.
220 Nyghtehowle Postfix, ESMTP spocken hier


OK, repeat from my Avocado diary, so you can see what my mysterious coding project was all about:

In January, eve of the XMMS plugin competition, I made a hardly interesting but working SID plugin.

Now, I spent another Sunday writing something that will be a bit more... interesting. InfoPipe is a plugin that opens a named pipe (/tmp/xmms-info) from which XMMS status can be read in textual, easy-to-parse format.

I needed this for my web cam page... I wonder why I couldn't find anything related from the XMMS plugin page, after all, this is a fairly obvious application of XMMS plugin API! =)

I also hope the configuration script works this time...

(The plugin is available from my home page: http://www.iki.fi/wwwwolf/code/xmms/xmms-infopipe-1.0.tar.gz)

Other day logs o' mine...

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