Cranky Kong, formerly known as Donkey Kong Junior, appears in Donkey Kong Country, its latter parts, and Donkey Kong 64. Cranky, in his younger days, appeared in the Nintendo golden classics.

In DKC and DKC2, now retired Cranky's part is to just sit and whine about the crappiness of these 16-bit (or 64-bit) machines. Back when HE was young, they didn't had any sound samples or 4096-color palette or... (blah blah... =) and of course, he could beat all of these new games hands tied... using one life... up hill both ways...

In DKC3, Cranky gets to prove that he's actually that good - in rock throwing game.

In DK64, Cranky has taken the path of science, trying to make himself more useful by making interesting potions for younger Donkey.