A classic tale written by anonymous person who uses a pseudonym "Man In The Wilderness".

In early 2000, a spammer used a forged E-mail address. Unluckily for her, the domain she used was a real domain, and after repeated confusion, the admin of that domain (the author) was getting somewhat pissed off.

Luckily for him, the spammers aren't too bright, nor too conscious about Internet security. Soon after, he had compromised the dial-up computers the spammer and rest of her gang - a company called "Premier Services" was using to spam. Then he got access to the Premier Services office LAN.

Now, the spammers had done something pretty nasty: They spammed, they "fished" for AOL account passwords to spam from, they engaged in a "pump and dump" stock scam, forged domains in their spam, and did all sorts of that sort of things. And got some profit from that.

In exchange, this one pissed-off admin posted tons of sensitive company information, ICQ logs, E-mail messages, photos and information of company personnel, and some rather icky porn created by the said persons... a fair deal?

Numerous mirrors of the files exist (and Premier Services threatened their maintainers, of course). The main site is at http://belps.freewebsites.com/

Of course, the validity of the site, the logs and the stories can always be questioned. I found two things that would support the fact that the site is "legitimate": 1) Forging the information would be a gigantic task and there are easier ways to ruin other people's credibility (Think of it - in the Internet, the shortest way to get people's attention is to say "They Spam!" =) and 2) I found myself from the spammers' so-called "dangerous individuals who should not spammed" list (then again, it isn't that hard to pick up addresses from Usenet spam-related groups =) Of course, it very well could be just made by a disgruntled ex-employee who took some interesting data with him, and not by a ticked off hax0r...

(Last I heard, the Authorities were very interested of the company, too.)

At the time, this is my 1337th writeup. I wanted to save that for something 31337 but decided this was cool enough. =)