Since the old anti-D&D hate organization is dead, let me present the current holders of this famed acronym (at least in RPG world):

Bothered About Disposable Dragons

None of this material has been taken from the official website ( of this organization. I feel strongly enough about this issue that I'm perfectly able to make my own rants.

Maybe the role playing game companies are to be blamed - many examples they set, for example through the rule books and adventure modules, usually use dragons as the final "boss" or nemesis of the adventure. Or maybe not - the legends, where "noble" knights kill innocent, if slightly hungry dragons, are to be blamed - but the game companies purposefully make it "acceptable" to use dragons as the antagonists of the stories, without giving them any other purpose of their evilbeing in the adventure than the "dragon nature".

As a result, in countless adventures the dragons are nothing but simple monsters.

This is unacceptable.


While I doubt the Bothered About Disposable Dragons organization is all that serious, I feel they do make a very good and valid point: Dragons are more versatile creatures than what the adventures often show, and deserve better treatment among adventure makers!

Dragons are rare, extremely powerful and most of all intelligent creatures. The adventure makers use them often, make it reasonably easy for the players to defeat them, and often keep the dragons as "big dumb monsters" and give them no background or anything interesting to say!

I beg the DMs everywhere to not to abuse these majestic creatures further!

(Hmm, I should also write of Bothered About Dungeons and Dragons some day...)