My experimentations with the new machine continue. I put a cool Sabrina Online picture to the display background (Yes, world, onna Win98 desktop ::evil grin::) and went on...

Machine: Bad things that have turned out

  • The chassis has four screws that hold it on place. My old machine needed one, dammit. =)
  • This thing doesn't have an ISA slot anyway. Hooray! Gulp. I mean, It's a good thing that the Behemoth has been Slain, and all Remnants of this Beast have been eradictated, but I have one ISA card that I absolutely, positively, do need. HardSID. Well, I will either get their nifty parallel port interface thing - or buy an old Pentium for Jukebox use. Or just tell my mother to buy a new machine for her. Or give my older Commodore 64 for her. =)
  • The board slot covers were molded or something. I mean, as if the manufacturer would have thought "No one will use these slots anyway". It took severe amount of work to remove the covers, and there's probably no way to put it back. Also, there were no extra screws. Hmph.
  • DIMM installation, a small procedure, took severe amount of work! Tight slots...
  • Every piece of iron in this machine - from processor daughterboard to power source - have "Warranty void if removed" sticker on them. Yes, even the 56K modem. Damn, since the computer hardware is extremely durable these days, I'll probably need to sacrifice free service over speed... =)
  • Win98 crashed today the first time. I just opened my directory in VCL, and it just freezed. Is this what they call "deep browser/os integration" at Microsoft? =)

Machine: Good things that have turned out

  • The Pinnacle Studio PCTV card - BT848 based card, so it should work in Linux - werks perfectly! And that's cool! I recorded a clip of Moomin and the "Badding" movie trailer and it turned them to MPEG. Übercool.

Other day logs o' mine...