I woke up late. Mostly because I had such an interesting dream and I tried to put all of the pieces togheter before posting it.

That dream raises a lot of questions. Just interesting, interesting... =)

I've shown Wolf's Dreamworld around, but people (non-E2-users) have been saying "The font is too small!" "Your writeups are buried under others!" and so on... I've told them "Create account and change theme to classic, then" =)

Must use another of the free movie tickets today (it'll expire today). Romeo Must Die, right?


Dunno, but recently, I have had the feeling that... well, let me put this way: People make mistakes. People behave idiotically. People are Not Good Citizens. Good People complain. High-ranked people complain.

And I, while I'm not related to the whole equation, think it applies to me.

For example, every time I browse the editor logs, I think "dammit, is my drivel worth anything"? Someone says that your average citizens are not coding and contributing - I code, I contribute, but is it worth anything, dammit?

Am I good enough to live?



Total existentialistic chrisis! Or not.

The big, big question: I write a lot, but do I even make sense?????


Well, I saw Romeo Must Die. Way enough to amuse. =)

Excuse me for indecent language, but I dropped the fucking cell phone to ground. The fucking display is broken. And I fucking hate deadlines. I really do.

(phew) OK, now back to our probably-a-bit-more-decent language after that word from our noder...


No one even notices me, I guess. They just nod... If you look at my webcam now (http://wwwwolf.pp.fi/yiffcam/), you'll see one depressed wolf. =(

::sinks even deeper into the depression::

And Quake doesn't work 3D-accelerated yet so I won't bother trying it. ::Sigh:: Funny, every time I get depressed I get this funny urge to draw stuff. Art must be therapeutic or something.

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