Hmmm hmmm hmmm...

The morning started lazily. Stomach growls, macaroni getting boiled. Yawn.

I saw dream about nightly bus trip, but I can't remember enough to make a dream log entry. Dammit! Tomorrow, I'll won't use the alarm clock (or any of my three alarm clocks =), because that seems to be the reason why I can't remember the dreams at all...


You Know You Have Been Noding Too Much When You Try To Find +/- Buttons From =)

OK, now I've bashed through Usenet... and mail... Trying to think something cool to do when it apparently rains outside or something.


Listened to some SID music... and discovered the Skeptic's Annotated Bible - that thing rocks! I'm a Christian, not a "Bible believer". I've always said it's just a guide, not something that fell from the sky. =)


Toyed around with UAE. UAE has one Really Annoying Feature: No matter what settings I use, keyboard is always too fast and mouse never does doubleclicks. Hrmph. I'd also need a NewIcon for vim...

Other day logs o' mine...

Noded today by y.t.: ├╝bercool NewIcons WorkBench Amiga Forever (Hmm, I think my noding is often kind of "stuff I did today about which no one has yet noded about =)