Morning! =)


Interesting that I actually remembered a cool dream this time. I wrote it down. Damn, it's been a while since I last had a dream that I actually remembered... So long time, actually, that I accidentally created it as a day log entry =)


Bore bore bore. Wrote to Usenet. Stuff. Yawn.

I've been thinking: Maybe it's not that I'm a bad coder. I'm just unable at the moment to use all the things that would allow me to make Popular Programs. Ie, I kind of dislike Gtk+ and like (though I have to admit GTK+ is one of the nicest GUI toolkits); Only GUI toolkit I can even pathetically use is the Java AWT. So, I can't goddamn make any Popular Programs. Yesterday, I made the Perl script 'cuz I opened Glade, built some UI for a sexy ripper, and then decided, "awww man, it's a lot of work". So I decided to dump the GUI idea and make a Perl scipt that uses the code. Won't be as popular, but hey, it does the job...


All sorts of weird badness that drags my mood down. All started when someone gave me one downvote. Yes, one downvote. "Damn it, I made a mistake!" Then, I got down because all of the Debian servers were down. Oh ghod. ::sighs deeply::


Installed Microsoft Sidewinder 3D Pro driver to Windows. It refused to find the stick. Restarted windows. BSOD. Reboot. Still nothing. Quality software. =( Plus, the dialog was in English when I had Finnish version of Win98SE...

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