I cleaned up the "things" directory on my home page a bit. Some pages I simply had not updated since 1997 or so have been removed =)

I also stumbled upon "dreams" directory and found two old dream descriptions I quickly assimilated into E2:

Speaking of dreams - dammit, I wish I'd remember more of them! I can't remember most of the dreams I see these days. Again, this morning I had some cool dream but I've already forgotten it.


Spent some time writing a reply to an E-mail message I received 'bout three weeks ago... well, better late than never.

First time in slashnet, first time in #everything. And so far no one has said a word. =)

* WWWWolf bows courteously.


So, nothing happened in IRC. Did whatever silly came in mind for the rest of the day. And I made corrections to one script of mine - it is one of those rare scripts that will possibly piss off Metallica, RIAA and Fraunhofer institute at the same time. Yes. It's a script that automates my process of CD-to-Ogg Vorbis. And the first album I used to vorbize with it was Metallica's Black Album.

I use current Debian's "vorbize", based on beta 1 apparently so it does 128 kbit/s VBR or something similiar.

Anyway, Black Album has a curious thing: Ogg files are bigger than their MP3 equivalents. Usually the situation has been just the other way around.

Perharps this was because the MP3s were encoded in March 1999, when I probably had Bladeenc or, worse, the ISO reference encoder. These files have no trace of VBR, anyway, straight and stable 128 kbit/s.

Some sizes:

The Unforgiven: 6193864 bytes MP3 => 6515171 bytes Ogg/Vorbis
Enter Sandman: 5304438 bytes MP3 => 5515087 bytes Ogg/Vorbis

Art of Noise: The Holy Egoism of Genius. Original track 8982804 bytes (LAME, VBR q=4), 7333736 bytes Ogg/Vorbis. (See: The Seduction of Claude Debussy)

(Interesting tune, BTW. Clearly shows that Claude Debussy (sort of) invented ambient music way ahead its time - or that's what AoN said =)

I don't usually mention anything about my node amounts or XPs, but this is an odd thing to see: You have 1 points until level 6... =) but a lot more writeups to go, I guess. =(


Oh yeah, guess what this does:

  # This may look a bit... weird.
  $file = join("-",
               map { $tmp=lc; $tmp=~tr| -.\'|__|d; $tmp; }
               ($artist, $album, $name)) . ".ogg";

Part of the previously mentioned script. =) map can be such a handy command, but I still found it odd that I had to use a temporary variable in that statement. Reason? if I just tr $_, I also seem to modify $artist, $album and $name. Don't ask me why this is so...

Other day logs o' mine...

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